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I wish to leave something of importance for my daughters. I am a man of little wealth and of no great significanse in society as far as I know. All I have to offer my girls is the wisdom I have gathered up troughout my life so far.
I wish to guide my daughters the best I can so that they may be inspired and grow up to be as great as I know they are.
so my Dear daughters...

Chapter 1
There are no such beauty than in the eyes of a loved one..  Remember those words and cherish the moments you have with loved ones. Do not hasten yourselfs with the need to grow up. Enjoy the freedom you posess and walk the roads ahead of you with confident. To each and one of my girls I want you to know that holding you in my arms is the best thing I have ever achieved in my life. Every single time holding you in my arms changed a moment in time for me. When you grow up know that you presence itself has the power to change moments in time.

boys... I guess there will be a time when boys will be a factor in your life.
I was once a boy and according to your mother I still am. From my experience I want you to be kind to boys.. we do not know better and often end up making a fool of ourselfs. It's hard to be around a beautiful woman with a good heart so please show compasion. Be smart and do not fall for words from boys. Be aware of who you are and know that your mother and I allways have taken great pride in you. Do not fall for deciet or false promises wrapped in compliments from young boys.
I have done many errors in my life and painfully paid the price. To lose someone you truly love and knowing that your words of spite acted as the final arrow trough someones heart..that is not a good feeling. . So please be kind to others and know how much power your words hold. You might not belive it nor understand it but you truly can move mointains by the faith the size of a mustard seed. So keep your faith and know how proud I am of you my girls.

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